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2148 S 900 E
Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 935-4477

Cody Allen

Cody Allen

hair design/beauty enhancement operator especial

"What made me decide to become a hairstylist was seeing Kevin Bacon's sweet hair in Foot Loose when I was 4 years old.  If I wasn't a hairstylist I'd be a tattoo artist, and I spend my time outside of the salon wrangling my chihuahua's and scaling small rocks."  

Q: What do you like best about working here at Phillip William Salon? 

A:  Everybody working here turns out high caliber hair, it keeps me on my toes! They are true professionals who understand custom tailored hair, it's a good energy.

  • Graduate of Paul Mitchell The School, Provo
  • Uses Schwarzkopf color line
  • Offers women's and men's cuts and colors, deep conditions and brazilian smoothing treatments

Q: What have you done since graduating from cosmetology school to further your education? 

A: Hair school gives you the most basic of basic education, so right out of the gate I sought to train under amazing hairdressers. I am a hair geek, so naturally, continuing education has always been exciting.  I've attended classes across the country, from L.A. to N.Y. and a huge portion of my education has actually come from being the teacher. I was an educator for a European based, hair color company for 5 years so teaching hair color classes to hairdressers across the U.S. really propelled my knowledge of hair. I learn something new every day, it's very exciting.

 Q: Where do you think the future of hairstyling is headed and how will you help it get there?

A:  When I was a kid I used to watch Star Trek The Next Generation and there was an episode that mentioned that the Enterprise had a barber. With all that technology they still had a barber! I'll be frozen and thawed out in 200 years to be a hairdresser on a starship.