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2148 S 900 E
Salt Lake City, Utah

(801) 935-4477

Phillip Anderson

Phillip Anderson


Q: What have you done since graduating from cosmetology school to further your education? 

A:   Since graduating I've attended as many education things that I can. It's been thirteen years and I don't even wanna start listing it all, but I added it all up about 5 years ago and I had over $50,000.00 in continued education.

Q: What would you do for a living if you weren't a stylist? 

A:  I'd be an architect or mad scientist if I weren't a stylist. I think it'd be way cool to have tons of money and sit in your own shop inventing and building crazy stuff. 

Q: How do you spend your time outside of the salon? 

A:  Family stuff, build things, I'm a relatively calm person for a stylist.

  • Owner of Phillip William Salon
  • Graduate of Bon Losee, Provo
  • Uses Rusk color line
  • Offers women's and men's cut and color services

Q: What made you decide to open Phillip William Salon?

A:  I've worked with most of the stylists in this salon before. We always dreamed of a place that treated us fair, and was run well. I've been studying other salons for a while and really felt I had a great plan. I really wanted a place that harbored only well trained, full time professionals. I'm really lucky to have a supportive wife that allowed me to put everything we had on the line to get it started, especially considering the economy at the time. It's the best place I've ever worked. Glad we took the risk. I'm grateful to the staff for having faith in me to make it all work.

Q: What do you like best about your job? 

A: I grew up on a farm. It's hard work. I've done so many jobs. I always remembered waking up and dreading work. Thought... I should call in sick. But my conscience wouldn't allow it. Then I actually started to feel my head hurt and my throat was tightening up. The thought of going to work was making me physically sick. I eventually got used to the thought that I was gonna have to cowboy up and deal with it... cause that's life. NOT! I make a great living and love what I do. My job is where I spend most of my waking hours. I love the stylists with which I work. I wake up happy. My job makes my life better.